Food Service
Alternate Gothic No2
Alegreya, Brother OT 
Warnock Pro
Logo, Menu
Kampung is a new Malaysian street eatery opening in downtown San Diego. The client’s goal is to create a vibrant, colorful, modern, yet ethnic place where people can relax and have a conversation as they enjoy their food. The restaurant’s target audiences are 24 to 40 years old young millennials, who are looking for authentic, culturally-inspired flavors fused with a modern twist. A new ethnic visual identity is needed to help the restaurant stand out among other ethnic restaurants.​​​​​​​
Malaysian cuisine is a melange of many cultures, making it highly complex and diverse. To reflect that diversity and cultural aesthetics, the inspiration from batik print, a textile printing technique popular in Malaysia, has been used to create the design of the menu. Hence the use of traditional golden yellow, dark vibrant brown-red colors. Inspired by the old ‘MALAY’ script, a custom font designed to give the logo a sophisticated yet imperfect aesthetic. For the body copy of the menu and branded items such as aprons and packaging, a typographic combination of warnock pro font and alegreya font paired with brother OT font has been used to provide a harmonious and robust rhythm. All design elements give an ethnic yet modern, friendly, and energetic feel to it.
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